What is ADW and why do we charge it?

What is ADW and why do we charge it-

OK, I have to pay the Accidental Damage Waiver, but does it actually do anything for me?

Actually……yes, it helps to take some of the worries out of staying at someone else’s beautiful vacation home. Simply, it covers any accidental damage up to $500, so that you don’t have to worry about paying out more money.

How does it help?

In fact, it would have been a great help to a friend of ours when they stayed at a vacation home in England. In their case, they had to make a damage deposit of about $600 instead of accidental insurance waiver payment. One of their children tripped and fell on a very old dilapidated coffee table. The owner of the home said it was not just old, but an antique and appraised at $600 (a very convenient number). The family fought the situation, demanding to see the appraisal, which never showed up. Eventually, the homeowner settled for $100, admitting it was just old, not really an antique. It took them several months to get their money back and a lot of frustration. They would have been much better off with the waiver.

So what are the details?

The waiver saves you from having to put down a large deposit to cover any accidental damage. Lastly, you will not have to wait for someone to inspect the house before you get the deposit back, because you did not have to pay one. We require the waiver of all our guests. It costs $50 and is part of the full quote you receive

If some damage does occur while you are staying in the home, please let us know about it so that we can arrange the claim. We will then work to repair or replace the items. You will not have to do anything else.

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