Biking in Celebration, FL

For my husband and I spending time at the parks is wonderful, but we occasionally need a day off from the parks. It gives us a welcome break and an opportunity to explore the neighborhoods around us.  There are so many other things to do that we made a list and are slowly working our way through it. One day we decided to try out renting a bike in Celebration and see if we still remembered how to ride a bicycle.  We had such a good time; we went back for a second day!!

Where to Rent Bikes

To access the bike rentals at Celebration Bike Rentals and Bicycle Tours you need to find Bloom Street off Front Street.  Go to the right of the Bohemian Hotel.  The bike rentals are in a parking lot near Lake Rianhard.  You will need to find public parking for your time in Celebration, as the rental place does not have specific parking.

Here you can rent a variety of bikes such as youth, adult, or tandem.  My husband and I each rented an adult bike for the cost of $15 for the two hours.  We were provided a map, bottles of water and very detailed instructions.  The staff is very knowledgeable about the area. However, we did get “lost” on our second trip and ended up meeting some very nice locals who were happy to show us how to get back to the trails!

The Trails

The bike trails of Celebration are made up of paved sidewalks along with wooden bridges and boardwalks through the wooded areas that all connect with each other throughout the entire town.  Sometimes we had to access one from another, so we would use the public streets.  The entire town is very bike friendly and we did not encounter any issues. It is fine to go ‘off map” and explore other neighborhoods as well.

There are many people out walking on the trails so a good knowledge of trail etiquette will take you far.  As we approached walkers from behind, we would let them know we were passing them on their left. The same was done for us when cyclists wanted to get around us if we became too pokey! When riding on the streets, bicycles must follow the rules of the road.

We meandered around lakes, thru neighborhoods with mansions, thru condo neighborhoods, and we even stopped at the local 7-11 to use the facilities and get a snack. The trails are mostly level making it an easy ride for most active people. You might want to bring a camera as you will most likely see lots of wildlife worth taking pictures of, including alligators in the many ponds.

They do close at 4 PM daily so you must be sure to make it back by then.  They also offer fully guided bike tours if you are not comfortable exploring the area on your own. Overall I highly recommend biking in Celebration. You won’t be disappointed. It is fun, safe and very relaxing between park visits.

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