Pin Trading at Disney

Beginning during the Millennium Celebration in 1999, Disney Pin Trading has become a popular sport for Walt Disney World Visitors.  Visitors can trade pins with any cast member wearing a lanyard with pins. It has become very popular with both adults and kids alike. Here is the ultimate guide to getting you started with pin trading.

Disney Trading Pin Kiosk

The number of Disney pins available is quite mindboggling! 

While there are many more types of pins available for trading here are some of the most common types. For a more comprehensive list see this article.

Hidden Mickeys

These are pins with small Mickey heads hidden on them that are available in a series that are unique because they’re not available for sale in stores. They can only be found on Cast Member lanyards.

Hidden Mickey’s 

Variety of Characters

Choose your favorite character like Mickey or Minnie and trade for as many pins containing that character as you can.


There are many groups of 4-8 pins that have a similar theme i.e. Pirates of the Caribbean, Frozen, Chip N Dale, and others.

Special Events 

Pins featuring Disney special events like the Food and Wine Festival or Garden Show are limited edition pins that are popular.

Passholder and Exclusives Pins

These pins are only available for annual passholders or attendees to special tours.

Tips & Tricks

Trading Etiquete

  • Cast Members are trading pins provided to them by Disney and they will accept whatever trades are offered to them regardless of whether it’s considered to be “fair” from the perspective of value.
  • When approaching a Cast Member it is best to wait until they are not helping someone else.
  • Always ask the cast member to see their pins. Staring at them from afar is considered rude.
  • Each Cast Member is limited to two trades per day per person.
  • The pin being traded cannot be the same as one they already have on their lanyard.
  • The Mickey rubber pin back must be in place
  • Cast Members with green lanyards will only trade with children.
  • The pin being traded to them must be an Official Pin Trading Pin which is denoted by a © Disney on the back of the pin.
  • Bonus tip: Trade early in the day. Cast Members obtain their pins from the pin shop located in the utilidoors upon arriving. You have to take the Keys to the Kingdom Tour to see it!!

Make sure your pins are authentic

Unfortunately, there are a few bad apples in the pin trading hobby. Beware of anyone who sends you into a pin store to purchase a specific pin in order to trade. These “professional” pin traders are circumventing the Disney policy of no cash for a trade. We recommend you trade with Cast Members only.

The official copyright on the back of Disney issued pins.

This is what to look for to make sure your pins are authentic.

  • The edges are smooth
  • The copyright is clear
  • The pin has a Mickey rubber pin backing
  • The colors are rich and NOT faded
  • The paint is smooth and NOT flaking off
  • The pin is NOT magnetic

Top Trading Places

I have been collecting and trading pins for years.  My favorite place to trade is at Disney Springs but there are many other places throughout the parks. Some of the places are more of a secret to most people. Always ask a Cast Member if you don’t see the pins right away. Many of them have them hidden and only produce them when asked.

Magic Kingdom

  • Guest Relations (both Main Street USA and Liberty square)
  • The Emporium Shop on Main Street USA
  • Treasure chest at Agrabah Bazaar in Adventureland
  • The Popcorn Pin Cushion at the Big Top Store
  • The Pin Oven Mitt at the Main Street Confectionary
  • Frontier Trading Post in Frontierland has a pin washboard, a pin cowboy hat and a bear wearing pins
  • Pinboard near the resort buses
  • Momento Mori near the Haunted Mansion
  • Mickey’s Pin Trader in Tomorrowland
  • Sir Mickey’s in Fantasyland
  • Town Square Exposition Hall

Animal Kingdom

  • Guest Relations
  • Stroller rental at the entrance has a stroller covered in pins
  • All of the ice cream carts have a pinboards
  • Guest Relations has a book to look through
  • Flame Tree Barbecue has a pinboard by request
  • The pin cart between Africa and Asia has a pin book
  • Ask at various restaurants in the park, especially Restaurantosaurus
  • Chest of pin near Kali River Rapids
  • Pin vest at The Outpost just outside Disney’s Animal Kingdom entrance
  • Trash can of pins right after you enter the park

Hollywood Studios

  • Guest Relations
  • Pin drum in the gift shop of the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster ride.
  • The Tower of Terror gift shop
  • Parking cone with pins just after entering the park
  • Several gift shops along Hollywood Blvd have pin boards


  • Guest Relations
  • Pin Stroller at stroller rental
  • MouseGears Shop- (Pins boards are brought out at various times throughout the day)
  • Norway
  • Italy KidCot Fun Stop
  • United States gift shop
  • Morocco Kidcot Fun Stop
  • Japan gift shop- ask Cast Members and they will produce pins
  • Africa Outpost (pin book)

Disney Springs

  • Disney Pin Traders- they have a large board that is opened up at variuos times of the day. Sometimes they have a pin trading “spinner” just outside the entrance.
  • Guest Relations- ask to see the pin book
  • Disney Store
  • Ask at the restaurants- many will have them
  • The D-Street Vinylmation pin book (Vinylmation Pins Only)

Other Locations

  • Every resort gift shop and some restaurants have pin boards

Happy Trading!

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