Universal’s Volcano Bay

Universal Studios Florida is calling the Volcano Bay water park a Polynesian themed park.  Why call it a theme park?  Apparently, this park is a step above the usual water parks. Volcano Bay is described as a centuries old Pacific isle that is inhabited by the Waturi islanders and they are responsible for all the fun activities and adventures in the park. Their story is intertwined in all you see and experience.

Volcano Bay



What makes it seem even more like a theme park is the fact that they are introducing something called “TapuTapu”. Thanks to this watch-like band you will be able to do many different things with a simple tap of the TapuTapu.  All guests will receive the new TapuTapu when they enter the park.  With it, you can tap into a virtual line and the TapuTapu will alert you on the small screen and mildly buzz when it is time to ride.  This will allow you to wander around exploring the park instead of standing in a long line. You can use the TapuTapu to purchase food, open your locker, and use various photo opportunities.  Also, thanks to some creative thinking by Universal the band can trigger interactive special effects throughout Volcano Bay, like remotely squirting your friends!

Seating Upgrades

Another great upgrade for this park is the availability of premium seating or private cabanas.  Single cabana units hold up to 6 guests and family units up to 16.  Units include padded lounge chairs, a fruit and snack basket, a small refrigerator with bottled water and concierge services.  Premium seating starts at $29.99 per day, single cabanas start at $159.99 and family cabanas start at $299.99.  Entry tickets for adults are $67 day plus tax and $62 for children age three to nine.


Even the food is a step above with over 60 items including healthier fare.  Much of it with an Island flare like Hawaiian ribs, mahi mahi and more.  You will also find tacos, fritters, spring rolls, sushi, pineapple upside down cake and much more.

Volcano Bay Rides & Attractions

Finally, there are 18 attractions all centered around Krakatau the 200-foot tall volcano with waterfalls and fiery lava effects at night.  Inside is the “Krakatau Aqua Coaster”.  It is a four-person canoe and will slide upward through mists before plunging through twists, turns, and a shimmering waterfall.  And yes, there are still 17 more attractions such as breathtaking slides, as well as rides using tubes & rafts. Of course plenty of pools and rivers in village and rainforest settings.  Even a rope bridge to attempt.

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