Who is Eddy Maserati and Why is He Called the Ferrari Man?

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Who is Eddy Maserati?

Eddy Maserati is a retired lawyer and insurance broker who moved to the Orlando area several years ago. He and his wife divide their time between Las Vegas, Orlando, and Ocean City, MD where they own homes in each city.

This 79-year-old retiree has a love for music and for staying fit. Dancing seems to be the perfect fit for him. The added benefit is his ability to make people smile.

You can recognize him by his signature style. His custom-made bedazzled shirts, colorful short shorts, and fancy sneakers are what make him unique. But Eddy Maserati gets his name “Ferrari Man” from his iconic flat cap with the Ferrari label. He is never without it.

Eddy not only drives a Ferrari, but he also owns a Maserati, Lamborgini, Mercedes, and a Lexus!!

Where Can I Find Eddy?

Eddy’s love of music is a perfect place to find him at Disney Springs or City Walk. Both of these venues are the perfect place for him to get a groove on and get the crowd going. He is a hit with kids and adults alike.

Finding Eddy at Disney Springs

While Eddy may be found anywhere within Disney Springs there are three main outdoor music venues you might find him dancing and entertaining the crowds.

AdventHealth Waterside Stage
This stage is located in the Marketplace area across from Ghiradelli and the World of Disney store. Live performances are scheduled daily and there is plenty of seating available.

Waterview Park
This park is located in The Landing just to the left of the BOATHOUSE restaurant. This cozy little spot has live music nightly.

Sunshine Highline
You can’t miss this outdoor venue located in West Side. Many musicians play a variety of genres at this convenient location just outside of Starbucks.

Next time you are at Disney Springs be sure to ask him for a picture! He loves to connect with people!

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