Birding in Orlando

Birding in Orlando is something you will do while vacationing there, whether you mean to or not. You can’t help yourself because there is a huge array of birds in the area due to warm climate all year round. Just walking anywhere in the region you will see lots of different types of birds of practically every color.  We have highlighted some of our favorites.

Sandhill Cranes

If you are lucky enough to hear one you will never forget it.  They make a sort of bugling or trumpeting sound that can be heard at great distances.  When we first heard them it took us a while to locate them by following the sound and we were very surprised to find out they were the creatures making that noise.  The culprit- Sandhill Cranes.

Sandhill Cranes can be found anywhere throughout the Central Florida region.  Up to four feet tall with a wingspan of five to seven feet they are quite impressive to see.  They live in Florida all year, but the population expands in the winter as birds from further north migrate to the warmer weather areas.

Birding in Orlando


Taking a day trip to the gulf coast beach is a fun experience and will not disappoint for the birdwatcher.  Pelicans and other small birds love to spend a sunny afternoon diving for fish in the warm waters. They hunt cooperatively in groups and grab the fish close to the water’s surface.

This pelican along with several others, were not the least bit bothers by us on Anna Maria Island.

Birding in Orlando


Spotting a wild flamingo in central Florida is a rare occurrence. Those spotted in the wild have been considered to be escapees from a domesticated habitat.  Known for their pink plumage, they can average about 50 inches tall. Ever wonder why they only stand on one foot?  It is because that flamingo is cold, and it is retaining its body heat.

However, you are able to see flamingos in various places throughout Orlando. This group of Flamingos calls The Animal Kingdom home. A trip to The Animal Kingdom is a great place for a bird watcher to see a large variety of birds.


If you are serious about birding there are many parks and birding trail sites. Check out this link: where you will find 515 birding and wildlife viewing areas, and don’t forget your camera!

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