Pandora; The World of Avatar- The World Awakens After Dark

In May of 2017, the new attraction Pandora; The World of Avatar finally opened in the Animal Kingdom. And it is everything Disney promised. We first visited it during the day and enjoyed walking off of earth and into an alien looking world. The mountains float in the sky, plants look like those from out-of-this-world. The background noise of animals and insects is a makes it a little bit eerie.

Although it was exciting and entertaining, it was nothing compared to the thrill of going back after dark. Pandora; The World of Avatar really comes to life when the sun goes down. All the flora and fauna illuminate in brilliant colors. The forest is alive with sounds from alien creatures.
We were able to score a fast pass for the Na’vi River Journey. It is not a thrill ride, and in fact is somewhat reminiscent of “It’s a Small World” at the Magic Kingdom. You ride a small boat slowly through a dark environment, but that is where the similarities stop. The scenery is full of exotic alien plants and animals. You even get to see a female Navi Shaman performing some type of ritual. The Shaman is billed as the most advanced animatronic character that Disney has produced.
Sadly, we have not been able to get a fast pass for the “Avatar, Flight of Passage” yet, but hope to soon. The reviews for this ride have been excellent!
is a great addition to The Animal Kingdom. Everyone should take the time to stroll through it and immerse themselves in the feel of an alien world. If you can, after dark is the absolute best time to visit.
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